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After a year querying agents and publishing companies, deciding to self publish, and then being picked up by a up-and-coming publishing company, I've learned a lot about the entire process. My advice to first time authors considering publishing their book is to first decide what their goal is.

Do you want your book to be available to friends and family?

Do you want it sold within your community or surrounding towns?

Do you want it available for download on e-readers?

Do you want it for sale at every bookstore worldwide and to be ridiculously rich and famous?

If you answered "No" to the fourth (and/or third and second) then you can probably get away with self-publishing. The task is daunting, but if you are a little technically savvy, and willing to put in the effort, it is not impossible. Nor do you have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. (More on this to come)

If you are looking to have your writing to be able to pay your bills, then finding an agent and/or a LEGITIMATE publishing company is a must.

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