How to Become an Author

Since I became published I have had many people approach me with questions about the writing and editing process. Over time I plan to collect some tips on how to organize your creative ideas into writing, and tips on the editing and publishing process.

For now here's a few starter tips:

#1 Never throw ideas away
You never know what story ideas you'll want to pick up later. I often pick up a story based on a dream or thought I had years before. Keep a journal or a file on your computer of story ideas. Save unfinished stories for the future.

#2 Don't judge your writing based on your grammar
Good books are made by the story. The editing process can weed out mistakes in your writing later.

#3 Learn how to take constructive criticism, but also learn when to ignore it
A difficult lesson for me to learn as a writer was to be able to take criticism and use it to improve my writing. At the same time, I also learned that you will NEVER please everyone. If you do submit your writing for critique during the drafting stage, chances are you will very likely receive "you should change this" for quite a few things.

More to come! Please comment below with your own thoughts or questions - I would love to hear from you. Also find me on Facebook:

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